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Help with family law in Rochester

Here at the law office of Jeanne M. Colombo, we believe that matrimonial matters should lead to a positive restructuring of relationships. We believe that by using the combined skills, knowledge, and expertise of all four people involved (two clients and two attorneys), we can find solutions that facilitate positive adjustments for financial and living situations. We think this is the best way to resolve a dissolution of a marriage or union and aim to help you move on in the best way possible.

Personalized solutions

Every person is unique, which means each family is unique as well. Legal situations aren't as simple as providing cookie cutter solutions — we provide solutions that are well thought out for your personal situation. We use thoughtfulness and creativity in reaching common ground and dignified solutions so you find comfort and peace of mind.
Professional helping couple in regards to family law in Rochester, NY

Issue resolution in private

No one deserves to have their dirty laundry aired in public — Jeanne M. Colombo is discreet and professional, resolving family issues privately. You will always be well served economically, financially, and emotionally. When you choose us for your legal case, you'll join in the collaborative process which is on the cutting edge of matrimonial and family law resolution.

Thinking of the future

No one wants to burn bridges and have a bleak future when it comes to people in their lives, which is why we can help you re-establish trust. We'll help all your family members in the future in the best manner possible through our collaborative setting. Not only do we provide legal services, but we provide an open ear as well.
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