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When you need help or are in trouble with the law, you can always rely on Jeanne M. Colombo. We are a law firm that handles all of our cases with a personal touch, so you'll never feel lost in the complicated legal proceedings. Dealing with the law can be daunting enough, so don't do it alone — talk to the knowledgeable staff at Jeanne M. Colombo so you feel confident when you handle your legal issues. With our legal representation, you'll have a strong voice in court.

About us

Our attorney Jeanne M. Colombo has over 35 years of experience dealing with legal cases; she can handle any matter confidently and effortlessly.

The law firm itself has been around since 1980, which means our staff members are well-versed in legal matters and can help you immensely on your case instead of confusing you further. Our commitment to your legal success and personal attention to detail is what sets us apart from other law firms.
Team of professional attorneys in Rochester, NY

Expansive services

We understand that there are many aspects to the law, which is why our firm handles a wide range of legal matters, such as divorce proceedings, child support, commercial litigation, wills and trusts, criminal defense, and much more. We'll be there by your side, every step of the way, so you stand a strong chance at getting exactly what you want in court. No matter the size of your dispute, your case will always be our priority.

Get peace of mind

With our decades of experience dealing with difficult legal issues, Jeanne M. Colombo can stand up for you in court, no problem. Our law firm is fully licensed and insured for your peace of mind. We have great appointment flexibility, which means you can get legal help at your convenience. As honest lawyers with integrity, we charge flat rate fees for our services, which means you never have to worry about hidden costs.
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